John Dennis

I have been a Hedon resident since 1967, am a Chartered Surveyor by profession and run a small family business in the town.

I joined the Hedon Town Council about 10 years ago during which time have twice been Chair of Planning and had the honour of being elected Mayor in 2005.

My ‘successes’ to date include being chair of the CCTV for Hedon which, brought CCTV to our shopping area, and for five years I have been the official spokesperson of the anti-incinerator campaign group HOTI.

My focus is to represent the residents of the Ward on issues which concern them most, including:

FLOODING - As I have been doing for three years as Town Councillor, I will continue bringing pressure to bear on the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water to honour the promises made to residents to carry out flood prevention measures. Further I intend to exert whatever influence I might have to ensure the ‘Saltend Stench’ is sorted out - for good.

INCINERATION - My opposition to mass burn incineration is well documented and HOTI appears to have won a victory – for now. Local people can rest assured I will maintain a close watch on the situation as the Joint Waste Authority enters into further contract discussions

COST-CUTTING – Obviously we are all aware of the need for cost-cutting in these very challenging economic times, but I will do all I can to ensure impact is minimised on essential services such as health, education, the emergency services, highways (including winter precautions) old peoples’ issues and libraries.

PARK & RIDE and the GREEN-BELT – Not everyone in the area knows the airport field, just to the west of Hedon is owned by the Hull City Council, which has recently been considering locating a park and ride facility there. While I favour the idea, I would object to it being located there as it could open the door to applications to develop this land. Hedon and Preston residents are keen to retain our green-belt.

LOCALISM – I will be pleased to work with my fellow candidate Mike Bryan on all of the above matters and also the proposal to introduce ‘Localism’ so those decisions which affect local people the most will be made by local people.

My contact details are:

Home telephone number
01482 899214


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