Stephen Parnaby

As a sitting councillor and candidate for the Beverley Rural Ward my first priority is as always to the residents of the Ward.

Many issues affect rural areas and villages on a on-going basis: local services, planning, traffic, transport, care of the elderly, provision for children, supporting schools, voluntary groups and, of course, parish councils.

On the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, as with all local authorities, one of its biggest challenges is how it can handle the reduction in public expenditure. The Council is better placed than most because of its planned approach. In the next financial year despite having to save £12m all services will be protected, some new initiatives will come forward and there will be no increase in council tax.

The Council has also been able to respond to the worst winter weather in 100 years and now faces the task of repairing damage to the highway network. All of this work will be completed and is an example, because of sound financial management, of how we can respond.

All services rely on management and money and whilst the Council is well placed to deliver, put in the wrong hands it can go very wrong, and quickly, as we have seen elsewhere.

My commitment is to carry on promoting sound financial management, which results in delivering sound services.

My contact details are:

Home telephone number
01482 841370