Mike Bryan

I was born in Hedon and have lived there all my life apart from a four year spell spent in Canada in the 70s. 

So, as you can imagine, I know the South West Holderness area very well. 

Living in Canada gave me the incentive to start my own business in 1986, and this year being our 25th year I have gained a very astute business head. 

I have been on the Hedon Town Council for the past 22 years. I have represented the Town of Hedon as Mayor for two one year terms and as deputy mayor on three one year terms. 

I have been the Chairman of the Property Committee on four yearly terms and Deputy Chairman on three yearly terms, and Chairman of Finance and general Purposes Committee twice. 

I joined the Conservative Party almost five years ago, and was asked to be a candidate for Hedon at short notice in 2007. I tried hard, but was just 100 votes short, and I feel I was unprepared. 

However, over the past four years I have spent my time supporting the party, helping Graham Stuart MP in his election campaign and spending many hours ringing round improving the number of Intouch deliveries from three to 42. 

Also writing the Intouch leaflets collating with what information I could gather. 

The last delivery I organised was 6,000 leaflets. 

I helped Graham Stuart with street surgeries, learning quite a lot, also getting involved in local issues as an activist in the Hedon and Preston area. 

I have done a lot of door knocking for various candidates including Simon Reevell MP, Peter Turner, Mathew Grove as well as my own candidacy. 

I am keen to become an East Riding Councillor because I feel it is time for me to move on to the next level of the council, as this is where the decisions are made which affect this area. 

I would like to utilise my business acumen to improving communication and making residents have a better understanding of some difficult decisions which have been made.

I believe there is some fighting to be done for the South West Holderness area and I believe there are more benefits to gain for all local residents.

Working with my fellow Conservative candidate John Dennis I look forward to meeting and working with residents in the future for the good of South West Holderness.

My contact details are:

Home telephone number
01482 898542


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