St Mary’s Ward By-election for East Riding of Yorkshire Council

A General Meeting of the Association’s Beverley & Rural Branch was held on Tuesday 20th September to select a candidate for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council by-election in St Mary’s Ward. The by-election had been caused by the very sad and untimely death of Councillor Irene Charis. At the General Meeting Mr Roy Begg was selected as the Conservative Party’s candidate.

Roy went to school in Beverley and has a mechanical engineering degree. He has worked in the Scunthorpe Steelworks, in Australia, and more recently in Aberdeen as a project engineer for the oil and gas industry. During this period he helped the Scottish Conservatives under Leader Ruth Davidson MSP to improve their standing in the most recent election for the Scottish Parliament. 

Roy now works as an engineer at the Centrica Hedon Base supporting the Southern North Sea Rough Field. He has been the Beverley & Holderness Association’s Deputy Chairman, Political since March this year. This summer he helped to run a successful by-election in South East Holderness where David Tucker was elected as a Conservative Councillor. 

Roy’s main political interests are in transport, energy, school support, and the environment. He is looking forward to the campaign and is hoping to gain the trust of the electorate at the by-election on October 20th.


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